Video That Shows How We Paid For Stuff In 1977 Will Completely Confuse Kids

I remember the first time I pulled my turntable out of the basement and played an album for my kids. They stared at that black disc spinning at 33 1/3 rpm like it was magic.

This video of how we made store transactions in 1977 will completely confuse them. They're so used to whipping out their iPhone to pay for something, they won't know what to make of that giant, clunky cash register making strange noises. Then there's the credit card charge that looks like a bank loan application, and then they check a list to see if it's a stolen card! And let's not forget the person who would bring the line to a screeching halt to pay by...check.

So appreciate your Dunks app and Apple Pay as we go back to this store in 1977...