Framingham Company To Unveil Cannabis Infused Ice Cream On 4/20

Via There's no way Friendly's could ever compete with this. Cloud Creamery in Framingham is using CO2 live resin oil to infuse cannabis into it's products.

Founder David Yusefzadeh said, "It's really about celebrating the flavor, each specific strain of cannabis has a different terpene -- or flavor profile."

Yusefzadeh developed the idea shortly after being diagnosed with Crohn's disease, while looking for a more natural way to manage the symptoms.

"I started looking into what was available on [cannabis] dispensary shelves and it was underwhelming," he said. "We honestly just want to put a plant-based pain management option out there for people that don't want opioids."

Yusefzadeh said he had to wait two years for the state to approve the idea. After getting the green light to proceed, he began working with different ingredients in pursuit of unique flavors.

"We're actually making an heirloom tomato sorbet," he said. "[we also have a] butternut squash ice cream that's made with pumpkin seed milk and has a pumpkin seed caramel, so it's totally vegan." Wait, where's the chocolate chip cookie dough?

Cloud Creamery's first product should be on dispensary shelves by, wait for it, 4/20. I scream, you scream, we all scream...