What 7 Things Do People Use Duct Tape On The Most

Photo: Getty Images/JoKMedia

So when something breaks in your house, is duct tape the first thing you grab? You know what they say, if you can duct it.......well you know. But why is this the first thing you grab? Did you know that most people think it's "magical" and it can fix anything. Well the average person uses it to fix at least 7 items in their house, and they will leave it for up to 8 days till they get the proper parts to make the actual repair. So what are the 7 items most American's use duct tape to fix? Here you go:

  • Hose (47%)

  • Vehicle (35%)

  • Toilet (34%)

  • Cut/wound (32%)

  • Book (26%)

  • Garden tools (22%)

  • Laptop/computer (21%)

  • Shower (20%)

  • Bike (19%)

  • Cell phone (19%)

So for serious....32% of people use duct tape for a cut or a wound? That's crazy to me. What's the thing you fix most with duct tape??

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