Would You Rather Pay Per Drink, Or By The Hour??

Photo: Getty Images/Tobias Weber/EyeEm

The future is here if you live in Saint Louis, MO. A Bar opened up with a new concept. It plans on charging you not by the drink, but by the hour. When you walk in you sign in using your phone, and the cost is $10 an hour for premium drinks, and $20 for top shelf cocktails, and the best part is....you can stay as long as you want.

One of the owners of the bar got the idea when he was running for office. He said he would hold fund raising events and charge admission to have an open bar, and it made money.

A few rules were put into action as well so customers don't get over served. A bar app keeps tabs on the patrons intake and the system scans a driver's license for height at weight to develop a number of drinks an hour to keep the customer within legal limits.

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